As we all know Colorado has recently been hit with rain and flooding, causing devastation throughout Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder and the surrounding areas. These unfortunate circumstances have left some families homeless while causing extensive damage to others. Here at Deep Water Emergencies and Restoration we understand that this is a very emotional time for those whom have been affected, we are here to help.  If you have experienced flooding in your home or business and need assistance, Deep Water will respond 24/7 and help you to the best of our abilities! above all please take safety precautions to make sure you and, or your family are safe during these severe weather conditions.

 – If possible stay home, and stay off the roads to avoid driving in these conditions. If you’re unsure or your neighborhoods safety or don’t feel comfortable in your home, evacuate immediately, water travels quickly!

Although you cannot stop an oncoming flood, you can mitigate some of its damage; know what to do before and after the storm hits.

Before the Storm: precautions to reduce damage

– If you have below-grade floors, consider installing a sump pump system.

– Store important family items and irreplaceable documents somewhere with easy access, avoid the basement.

– Install back-flow valves to help prevent sewer lines from backup.

– Try to landscape with vegetation that resist soil erosion.

– Place sand bags around you home in area vulnerable to flooding.

 After the storm:

– Before entering you home, check for structural damage.

– Make sure water is safe to drink before using.

– Take photos of the damage in your home for insurance purposes.

– Make an insurance claim as soon as possible.

– Send photos of your home to your insurance company as soon as possible.

– Before turning on electric, have an inspector check to see if it’d safe.

– When cleaning up, make sure to disinfect everything that was exposed to the flood.

– Flooding can cause mold, consult a professional to check for mold in your home.

Deep Water Emergency Services and Restoration offers our deepest condolences for those whom have been affect, we hope this is helpful!

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