When you experience water damageturn to Deep Water Restoration for help! Water damage can be caused by floods, broken pipes, malfunctioning plumbing and more. If not addressed right away, the effects from water damage can harm not only your possessions and flooring, but also the structure of your home or commercial building. Deep Water responds quickly and uses the latest equipment available to repair the water damage in Colorado Springs and Front Range areas.

Deep Water Restoration not only offers water damage restoration services, we can also help you with sewage backup services as well. Sewage backups look gross and smell worse, and sewage and standing water must be cleaned quickly to prevent health hazards such as illness-causing microbial growth. Trust an expert to clean up, sanitize, deodorize and disinfect all contaminated areas. We will extract and remove all sewage, dry out wet materials, and put your property back together again. Not even you will be able to tell that a backup has affected your home or business.

The only thing worse than dealing with water damage  is fire damage. Fire is devastating no matter how large or small. Deep Water is here to help you recover as much of your property as possible and help eliminate the remaining odor from smoke damage in areas of your property not directly affected by the fire.

Mold is unsightly and can cause health problems. Deep Water mold mitigation experts can help you find the source of the mold or mildew, remove existing mold, and prevent further growth. We also clean the air in your property to eliminate airborne mold spores.

Additional Services

Deep Water also offers water damage carpet cleaning. We can help with carpet drying and upholstery cleaning services.

We even offer third-party testing for asbestos and in some cases, other hazardous materials. As a complete restoration company, we also offer reconstruction of damaged properties and can put your home or business back to its original condition regardless of its current state.
Although we specialize in high-rise commercial cleanup, we focus on residential and commercial properties equally. Deep Water Emergency Services and Restoration wants to help you get your life back in order with hassle-free and effective restoration of your home or property.

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