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Get Deep Water’s Mold Remediation services for your Dallas home or business and make sure every inch of your property is free of the unsightly, odorous, and harmful fungus. Our certified experts have years of experience halting mold growth, eradicating it from all types of surfaces, and helping prevent its recurrence. You’ll quickly enjoy more beautiful property, healthier, cleaner air, and a better quality of life for years to come.

Moisture can always occur almost anywhere on your property, creating the perfect breeding grounds for toxic, unsavory mold, which can multiply and spread very rapidly. Before you know it, large surface areas are covered with mold, causing illnesses and devaluing your property. Because of this high risk nature of mold, you need experienced professionals like those at Deep Water to quickly remediate the problem and ensure you return to a safer property and better quality of life.

Choose our Mold Remediation services for your home or business in Dallas, TX, and enjoy:

Cost savings

rapid mitigation prevents ongoing, increasingly expensive problems

Healthier environments

safe handling and removal of biohazardous materials

Peace of mind

expert assistance to help prevent the mold’s recurrence


the surfaces in your home will look like new


comprehensive solutions from mold inspection and removal to air sanitization, and everything in between

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Mold is a health hazard, emits a foul odor, and can spread very rapidly and be hidden beneath the surface. This means that even if you only see a little bit, there could be much more out of plain sight, and/or it could spread to a much larger area in the blink of an eye. If you ignore mold, you’ll likely be dealing with bigger problems and risks down the road, including illnesses, costly repairs, weakened structures, and devalued property. Trying to remove it on your own puts your health at risk and carries a high chance of recurrence. But the professional experts at Deep Water will investigate your situation and help you solve the problem safely and cost-effectively.
We arrive immediately and begin with a comprehensive assessment of your property and mold situation. Based on your needs, we’ll provide comprehensive solutions for the root cause. We’ll seal off the work area, use professional-grade equipment with HEPA filters to purify the air, clean and dry the area, and remove and replace the contaminated materials. We’ll sanitize the area, address the source of moisture, and use a sealer to help prevent the mold’s recurrence.

It varies depending on the extent of the damage. Minor damage on the low end of the spectrum costs about $500, while severe problems on the high end of the spectrum cost about $7,000. The national average is $2,500.

Yes, it’s possible for mold to return if the source of the moisture was not solved during the remediation process. That’s why you need experts you can trust like those at Deep Water to address the root of the mold problem for a long-term solution.

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